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Getting The Pelvis To Move Again

A member of our online Movement Program proudly sent us her progress photos.

Restoring movement to the pelvis is a huge milestone for people who experience muscular imbalance, dysfunction, and movement problems. It’s a milestone because once the pelvis can move better, the body in general has a greater capacity to move which means stress and tension are distributed more evenly while moving.

That being said, not everyone needs this kind of range and function. If her pelvis were to just move 20% better than the photo on the left, that could be enough progress to create massive breakthroughs and move pain free again.

Let’s take a look at why so many people have limitations and dysfunction in the hips, pelvis, and spine…

Lack of movement creates loss of movement.

Even as I write this in a local coffee shop, dozens of people remain sitting in chairs for hours (myself included). The upper body remains animated to read, type, and scroll endlessly – yet the legs move very little.

This isn’t a “you shouldn’t sit” post, nor is a “you should sit with perfect posture post”. I myself am stuck at a desk hunched over 10 hours a day lately. This is a “people need a simple way to remind the body of how to move again” post.

Most people need a way back towards movement because their body is starved of motion. It’s the starvation of motion that leads to most chronic movement problems.

To solve for this, I teach people simple routines that remind the body it is capable of moving in incredible ways. These straightforward movements dust off the cob webs and put some much needed WD-40 back into the joints.

So far we’ve measured over 4,067 lives changed with our stockpile of reviews and before/after photos – hundreds of which are displayed on our website and social channels. If you want to feel for yourself how rediscovering motion can make a huge impact in your life like it did with her, join us in our mission to help people all over the world reclaim the ease of motion again.

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