For people who don’t move like they used to and struggle with imbalance, nagging injuries, and chronic pain.

Where Self Care and Science Meet.

We teach people how to restore movement in the comfort of their own home through our online movement-therapy program.

This is what restoring movement, balance, and function looks like.

Step 1: Start with The Pain Assessment Toolkit

This quick and simple digital program teaches you how to look at, identify, and observe how your body is moving.

You’ll learn how to take photos of and analyze what you’re seeing so you can stop chasing symptoms or imbalances and better understand the real problem you are dealing with.

Step 2: Join The Movement Program

Once you know more about your body by completing The Pain Assessment Toolkit, you can join The Movement Program to learn the exercises and the strategy that has helped thousands of people get results.

The Movement Program lasts 52 weeks; which means we are going to show you how to make a complete incredible transformation over the next year.

Everyone goes through the same program; but no two people go through the program the same way.

As you restore your movement over the next year, the program will dynamically change and become tailored to what specifically helps you move and feel better.