How a Disabled Athlete Found the “Hidden Sources” of Chronic Pain… and Created a Revolutionary System to Solve Them For Good

When I watched my son crawl for the first time, my heart sank to the floor.

It should have been one of the happiest moments of my life. 

Instead, it felt like someone had just twisted a knife into my soul. 

Because the second I saw him wriggling around on the ground, I knew it meant one thing: 

I would have to bend over to pick him up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son more than life itself.

But at the time I was suffering from debilitating pain.

The kind of pain that turns life into a living hell.

Even though I was only in my mid 20s, there were days where I could barely get off the couch to go to the bathroom.

I even remember one day when I dropped the first steak I’d cooked in months on the ground…

… And then spent the next eight days glaring at the piece of meat rotting away on my kitchen floor because it was too painful to stoop down and clean it up.  

Now, with my son’s new found ability to crawl, I was terrified.

If I couldn’t pick up an 8 oz piece of meat off the ground without collapsing in pain, how was I supposed to pick a 19 pound toddler?

And I knew that if I couldn’t keep up with him…

The only time I’d be able to see my son is whenever his mother had the time to babysit us both…which meant never.

I was scared that my injuries had finally broken me, taking the last good thing in my life away… just like it had taken everything else.

It was one of the darkest moments in my life. But I’m actually grateful for it.

Because it started me down the path to a breakthrough that not only saved my life and helped me escape chronic pain for good––but also transformed the lives of more than 11,000 people, just like you.

What would it feel like to wake up pain free? To be able to do everything you enjoyed before your pain? To feel at home in your body and free to move, train, and live on your own terms?

I know this sounds far fetched. That’s how I felt too.

But as you’ll see in just a sec…

Thousands of people from all walks of life––with different backgrounds and goals––have used this simple method to get out of pain fast. And experience a lifestyle all of the “experts” told them would never be possible again. 

And I’m going to share exactly how I did it on this page, so don’t go anywhere.

When I Hit the Beach to Catch a Few Waves… I didn’t know it would almost kill me.

Hey, I’m Vinny Crispino, the Founder of Pain Academy.

And even though the story I just shared with you feels like it happened a lifetime ago, the real “origin story” goes back even further.

To 2009.

I was an 8x All-American Division 1 athlete with 33+ state records (some of which are still standing two decades later), and 16+ National Titles.

And I was on the American training team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, training alongside guys like Ryan Locthe, Michael Phelps, and Nathan Adrian. 

So when a stupid bicep injury stopped my dream of being an Olympian dead in its tracks, I was crushed.

Sitting on the couch watching my team members take medal after medal should have made me proud of their accomplishments. 

But it didn’t. 

Instead, their success only served as a reminder of how much I had failed. 

And when I saw Phelps up on the podium covered in gold, I decided I was done with swimming for good.

But… I still loved the water. 

So naturally, surfing seemed like the next best thing. 

And because of my accolades and arrogance, I assumed that everything I’d accomplished in the pool would transfer to surfing overhead waves with ease.

But it didn’t. 

And the ocean put me in my place with one wave. 

I caught a massive overhead swell, and it smashed me into a rock with the force of a small pickup truck.

The impact broke my back, herniated multiple discs, and shifted my spine a staggering 21 degrees. 

In the span of a few hours, I went from feeling capable of doing anything I wanted with my body, to barely being able to sit and stand without searing nerve pain.

My entire life was built around my identity as an elite athlete.

And now it had all been taken away. In an instant.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced a similar injury or simply feel like your body isn’t moving the way it should (that is, easily and pain free)… you’ve probably had times when pain and discomfort robbed you of your ability to live a life on your terms. 

I got a taste of this firsthand and later saw the same stories play out in the lives of my clients and students…

Worst of all? 

I tried EVERYTHING to get relief. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I spent tens of thousands of dollars (mostly on credit) to try and reclaim control of my life. 

I went to dozens of different experts from: 

The list goes on…

At best, I’d feel relief for an hour or two. 

But mostly, they just drained my bank account and left me feeling more and more hopeless with each unsuccessful visit. 

When You’re In Chronic Pain for Long Enough, You Start to Lose Hope that Anything Works

I’d been to SO many different experts and specialists that I started to believe.

This is just how life is… THIS is my “new normal”  

If I’m being honest, I stopped trying to find a solution. 

I couldn’t bear the disappointment of going through yet another expert who meant well… but wasn’t able to help.

Then–the solution found me.

One day, as I was hobbling through a grocery store, leaning against my cart to avoid falling on the floor… a stranger approached me.

“Excuse me,” he said, “I know that you don’t know me, but I want to help you fix your left knee.” 


My first two thoughts were: 

Turns out, he specialized in a type of movement therapy I’d never heard of.  

He shared more about his work and why his approach was different and then invited me into his practice for a 60-minute session.  

And I’ll be honest, I was beyond skeptical.

My first instinct was to say “Shove off” and go back to limping around the store in search of a ripe avocado… but he insisted. 

But then… he offered to give me my first session for free. 

And at that moment… 

I Knew I Had a Decision:

Either Settle for a Life of Chronic Pain, Anger, and Resentment…

… Or Suspend My Disbelief and Hold Onto My Hope That I Could Find Healing

I decided that I had nothing to lose and agreed to meet him later that week––fully prepared to be disappointed. 

A few days later, I walked into his office and experienced one of the most bizarre hours of my life. 

After a quick assessment, he gave me a series of exercises––that had nothing to do with my broken back. 

Skeptical, I went through the (very painful) motions. 

And when I pulled myself off the ground… I was shocked. 

I could stand up and take a deep breath without feeling like a knife was stabbing my lower back. In short, I was standing without pain for the first time in half a decade!  

Don’t get me wrong… 

The exercises he gave me weren’t a magic bullet. 

My body was still a mess and there was still a LOT of work to be done.

But after trying every mainstream solution and expert I could find, this was the first time in years I’d had a taste of what it felt like to feel even remotely at home in my body. 

And I was hooked. 

I immediately booked my next appointment and then went home, committed to understanding what I’d just experienced and how I could put it to work to FULLY heal myself. 

I’ll share exactly what I discovered in a minute, but before we get to that, we first need to dive into.. 

What Keeps Most People Trapped on the “Hamster Wheel of Pain”

You’ve probably tried EVERYTHING to escape the pain and feel at home in your body again… 

Physio, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, supplements… 

Some of it might have helped. Most of it didn’t. But NONE of it delivered lasting pain relief. 

In fact, if you’re anything like me, many of the “solutions” and “experts” made things WORSE. 

And there’s a reason for that. 

Because even though there IS value in some of these modalities… they aren’t a COMPLETE solution. 

And what they’re missing makes all the difference. 

Imagine you’re working on a car that keeps pulling in one direction. 

The front tire is all out of sorts so you try to push it back into place.

It might work for a few minutes. 

But if you’re ignoring the fact that the axel is completely misaligned… it won’t actually solve the problem. 

And in many cases, it may only make the real problem worse, just like it did for my body. 

When it comes to pain, half a solution isn’t a solution at all. 

So What Are The Missing Links to a Pain Free Life?

There are two parts to this… the SOURCE and the SYMPTOM. 

What most specialists and almost every modality you’ve probably tried in the past focus on is the SYMPTOM. 

The back hurts… so we stretch the back. 

The knee hurts… so we rehab the knee. 

The shoulder gives out every time we get under a bench… so we try to strengthen it. 

But here’s the thing…

When You Focus on the SYMPTOM, You Can’t Solve the REAL PROBLEM

What most people ignore is the fact that the body is an interconnected SYSTEM. 

Everything affects everything else. 

And if you try to reduce pain to just ONE joint or ONE painful area, you’ll never be able to solve the real problem. 

For example… 

A friend of mine had a shoulder injury when he was 17 and then, 8 years later, started suffering from chronic knee and ankle pain. 

He thought the problem was in his leg (because that’s where the pain was). 

But after a quick session, I showed him how all of the problems he was experiencing started with his shoulder.

His misplaced shoulder caused his body to compensate and shift more weight to the right side of his body. 

In turn, his hips started to shift out of their natural alignment. 

And the end result was a shooting pain any time he tried to run, squat, or jump. 

A misalignment or faulty movement pattern in one part of the body can cause another part of the body to hurt. 

I’ve had clients who thought they had a problem with their knee… only to find that the real problem was a shoulder injury that caused them to tilt their hips and put too much pressure on one side of their body. 

On the other hand, I’ve had clients considering shoulder replacement… only to find that their pain disappeared as soon as they fixed their offset hips.

Or, in my case, I thought the problem was my back… but the real source of my pain was that my left knee had stopped supporting my body, causing massive dysfunction and over compensation throughout the rest of my body. 

So, until we shift from SYMPTOM focus to SOURCE focus… pain relief will continue to elude us. 

But That’s Only Half the Equation

The second big problem with mainstream philosophy is that it tries to use ACUTE solutions to solve CHRONIC problems. 

We go into the chiropractor or physiotherapist or acupuncturist for one hour a week… 

… And then spend the other 167 hours moving in the SAME patterns that caused our pain in the first place. 

Instead of focusing on how we’re moving EVERY day, we put all of our hopes into a single hour and pray that it will somehow fix things. 

It’s like someone going on a diet for one meal a week, ignoring the 20 times they eat fast food… and wondering why the scale isn’t changing.   

Or making one purchase on a debit card, putting everything else on credit… and feeling frustrated that they’re still in debt. 

It doesn’t matter what you do once or twice a week. 

What matters are the HABITS you have in your daily life. 

And it’s important to understand that… 

Pain is a HABIT.
So Is Being Pain Free

This doesn’t mean that the pain is YOUR fault. 

Simply that there are patterns––you probably aren’t even aware of––in the way you move, sit, and train that could be leading to the symptoms you experience. 

But when you discover the ROOT cause of the pain… 

… And use targeted exercises to get your body moving in a way that heals itself. 

The results can be rapid. 

This is why every solution failed me in the past. 

They focused on the symptoms I was experiencing and did NOTHING to help me change the way I moved on a daily basis. 

But when I made this discovery, things started to change––FAST.

Now I want to be clear… 

This was NOT an overnight recovery. 

It took me years to fully heal myself. 

And once I started to understand the mechanics of pain, I realized that there were DOZENS of gaps in the solutions that helped me get relief. 

I spent years researching and refining my own form of movement therapy.

And it took me almost half a decade to create a series of systems and exercises that eliminated ALL of my pain––for good. 

And this is actually good news… because it means that what I’m about to share with you isn’t something I “threw together” over a long weekend. 

I created this program through trial and error over YEARS because I DESPERATELY needed it––not because I had any intention of ever sharing it.  

Fast Forward to Today and My Life and Body Are Like The Accident Never Happened!

Today, the chronic pain I once experienced is a distant memory. 

I feel at home in my own body… and free to do all of the things I once thought had been taken away for good. 

From running marathons, to keeping up with my adventurous entrepreneurial friends, to being able to play on the ground with my son and take him on amazing adventures without needing a single pill or drop of booze, to fully enjoying my relationship with my wife. 

The system I discovered changed my life forever. 

But what’s even more exciting is how many other people I’ve been able to help thanks to my own journey. 

I’ve been privileged to work with thousands of clients who came to me with debilitating pain. 

Now they’re… 

And today, I want to give you the opportunity to take the first step in your journey toward pain relief. 

Allow me to introduce you to…

The Pain
Assessment Toolkit

The Definitive System for People Who Are Ready to Stop Chasing Symptoms and Discover the Source of Chronic Pain


The Pain Assessment Toolkit is the exact methodology I use with all of my private clients to discover the root cause of their chronic pain, identify misalignment, and create a targeted solution to solve their problems at the SOURCE. 

Whenever someone comes to me for help, THIS is the first step they’re required to take. 

Because it not only helps them understand how their body is working (or not working) RIGHT NOW. 

But it equips them with the tools they need to identify and manage future injuries, misalignment, and imbalance. 

Thousands of clients have used the tools I teach in the Pain Assessment Toolkit and my other programs to achieve incredible transformations. 

But before I get to that… 

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside of the Pain Assessment Toolkit

The Pain Assessment Toolkit is delivered via a series of in-depth videos and articles breaking down the most important mechanics and fundamentals of pain free movement. 

Not only will you learn how to quickly identify the problems in your body…

But you can expect to experience a radical shift in the way you think about pain, movement, and your body.


I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step with specific examples, to drive every point home. 

After the first lesson… our clients report understanding their body, their movement, and their pain in a way they never imagined possible. Feeling understood and validated after years of being told to pop a few Tylenol and just get over it.

After the first three assessments they had a clear understanding of where 80% of their pain was ACTUALLY originating.

And by the time they completed the program many reported a level of relief and freedom they’d stopped hoping was even possible.

Most of them were wondering… 

Why is NO ONE ELSE Talking About This? How on Earth Can a System THIS Simple Work So Well?

When you start to solve the source instead of chasing symptoms… amazing things can happen in a very short amount of time. 

The things that were once painful or even impossible become an enjoyable part of your daily routine. 

And more importantly… after years, or potentially decades, of being stuck on the “Hamster Wheel of Pain”… you’ll start to have hope that you CAN feel at home in your body and experience the mobility and freedom that is everyone’s birthright. 

Here are just a quick taste of what we’ve included inside of this program:

But you’re probably curious to know… 

How Thousands of People Just Like You Have Benefited from These Systems

A Lot To Take In!

I've Never Thought About My Body Like This Before!

Seeing My Body In A Different Way

Great Job on This!

Great Information

Gives Me Hope

My Eyes Are Open

This Makes Total Sense

Really Interesting

Personal Trainer

Seeing The Bigger Picture

Eye Opening

Now, many of these clients invested THOUSANDS of dollars to work with me 1-on-1. 

And for years, that was the ONLY way for someone to access the systems I want to give you today.  

But as more and more people came to me for help… I started to struggle. 

Because I’m only one person. 

And as much as I wanted to, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day for me to help EVERYONE who needed this work. 

Which is why I decided to create the Pain Assessment Toolkit. 

And––as you’re about to see––it’s why I’ve decided to offer it at an insanely low price. 

know pain. 

And I remember what it felt like to be up to my eyeballs in medical bills… unable to afford the solutions I desperately needed. 

Which is why I don’t want my time or the PRICE to be the limiting factor for anyone who’s trying to escape from chronic pain.  

My goal is to make this system affordable to ANYONE who is serious about getting out of pain.

So that you can not only get the relief you need NOW. 

But so you get a taste of what’s possible… and hopefully decide to join one of our more advanced programs where we’ll create personalized routines to help you get out of pain for GOOD. 

Because of that, you aren’t going to pay the $300 I normally charge for a diagnostic session. 

In fact, you won’t even need to pay $100 (the ORIGINAL price my business partner proposed). 

As a part of a special limited-time offer… 

You can get instant access to The Pain Assessment Toolkit today for a single payment of $37. 

And all you need to do to get started is click the button below. 

But that’s not all. 

When you join today, you’ll also receive: 

A Free Gift to Kickstart Your Recovery and Eliminate Painful Imbalances FAST

It’s called “The Foundational Movement Flow.” 

And it’s one of the best tools I have to help my clients quickly get relief on day one. 

Even though COMPLETE freedom from pain requires a lifelong commitment and much more targeted solutions…

Most bodies aren’t THAT different. 

Thanks to the way we’ve adapted to our modern lives, most people experience similar forms of misalignment and imbalance that lead to predictable forms of pain. 

Most of us spend most of our day: 

And that’s where the Foundational Movement Flow comes in. 

Inside you’ll find a simple series of exercises you can use to improve the most common posture and movement problems. 

Think of it as your “80/20 guide” to pain relief. 

And once you start to experience how your body is SUPPOSED to move, you’ll want to dive even deeper into what’s possible with a more personalized program.

Simply put… 

Together with the Pain Assessment Toolkit, The Foundational Movement Flow is the FIRST step to achieving lasting freedom and relief. 

Even though it’s only the first step… it’s one of the MOST important steps you’ll ever take. 

And today, it’s yours free when you join the Pain Assessment Toolkit. 

Are You Ready to STOP Chasing Symptoms and Discover the Real Cause of Chronic Pain?

Here’s all you need to do. 

Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our secure order form (your information is protected by the same encryption used by companies like Amazon) where you can complete your order. 

It only takes a minute and your information is 100% secure.

Moments after you’re done, you’ll receive an email giving you access to the Pain Assessment Toolkit and the Foundational Movement Flow. 

It’s as simple as that! 

And To Make This As Much of a No-Brainer As Possible We’re Going To Take on ALL the Risk with Our 30-Day Guarantee

I want you to understand that I’m NOT asking you to make a decision right now. 

I’m asking you to make a FULLY informed decision. 

And the ONLY way you can do that is by signing up for the Toolkit, going through the assessments, and following the Foundational Movement Flow for at least 7 days. 

After that, you’ll know for sure whether this system can help you achieve the relief you’re after or not. 

So I want to make this as easy as possible for you. 

Right now, you can try the Pain Assessment Toolkit COMPLETELY risk free for 30-days. 

Join the program. Go through the training. And see for YOURSELF if what I’ve shared with you on this page is true. 

If it is, then you’ll be wondering why we’re ONLY charging $37 for this system. 

And if it isn’t? Then simply message, [email protected] and we’ll send you a full refund––no questions asked. 

This means that the only risk is continuing with where you are right now and saying “no” to a system that has already transformed thousands of lives. 

But I want to be clear… 

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to offer this program at this price. 

So if you come back to this page in a few weeks or even a few days, you may find that the price has increased to $97 or even $197. 

And if this happens, please know that I’m just doing what I have to do to get this system into as many hands as possible (without bankrupting myself in the process). 

So if you’re ready to begin your journey toward a life FREE from pain, I encourage you to act now. 

Because, more importantly than the money, there’s one final question you need to answer: 

When You Look Back 90 Days from Now – How Will You Feel?

Will you be stuck with the same pain and discomfort you’re experiencing now? 

Experiencing the same problems… 

Feeling the same way about your body… 

Struggling with the same movements… 

Will things get even worse? 


Will you be on the road to recovery? 

Knowing EXACTLY where your pain is coming from and having a clear plan of action to fix it. 


Because what most “experts” won’t admit is that HEALING TAKES TIME. 

It bugs the hell out of me when clever marketers promise that “one weird stretch” can fix all your problems….

… And sell fool’s gold to desperate people because they know they can get away with it. 

Because the truth is… healing is never an overnight process. 

Many of you have been making the same unconscious mistakes for DECADES.

Meaning that there are literally YEARS of stress and misaligned movement that have to be undone. 

That won’t happen overnight. 

It doesn’t mean it takes years to undo that damage. But it WILL Take time. 

And just like someone’s weight or bank balance… the longer you ignore a problem, the deeper you dig yourself into the hole, and the harder the problem becomes to fix. 

I obviously can’t force you to make a decision. 

But take it from someone who’s experienced the same frustrations and limitations that you’re experiencing. 

The BEST time to start solving your pain is today. 

Don’t waste another moment or force yourself to spend one second longer battling chronic pain. 

Simply click the link below to begin your journey today. 



Yes. The main goal and focus with The Pain Assessment Toolkit is to teach you how to understand what your body is doing in each assessment.

The only thing you’ll need is a camera. A smartphone will work perfectly.

No. Your photos are yours and stay private. Your photos for your eyes only unless you wish to share them with us.

The Pain Assessment Toolkit takes at minimum 9 days to complete. We ask that you carve out 30-45 minutes a day to work through it. We will help keep you on track to complete this in a timely manner.

By the end of these tests you’ll know exactly how your body is imbalanced and will have gathered enough information to pursue a strategy that works, which we will teach you in The Movement Program.

Please read the page above for in depth information on what you’ll receive. In short – You’ll have access to 6 bodily assessments, each one with a detailed breakdown of why each assessment is important, how to do the assessment and understand what your body is doing, as well as how to think about the information you are gathering. As a bonus, you will also have access to 6 informational lessons that break down imbalance and compensation, the law of symmetry, the law of vertical load, dysfunction, and how your body has adapted to everything you’ve been through over the years. You also get access to our LIVE group coaching workshops that happen every Monday.

Access to our main flagship program, The Movement Program. This is a separate program that contains the exercises, movements, positions, and techniques we’ve used to restore the way thousands of students move. Purchasing The Movement Program the next step after completing The Pain Assessment Toolkit.

Oftentime people end up spending years chasing symptoms and the areas of discomfort and entirely miss what is actually causing the problem in the first place. The objective of the Pain Assessment Toolkit is to help you observe yourself and identify the real underlying root cause of your problems. It’s hard to fix a problem you don’t understand – and that is what the Pain Assessment Toolkit is about: understanding. Once you understand how to gather crucial information about how your body operates, you can see your problem with greater clarity. Then you can then begin the process of truly restoring your body and resolving whatever issue brought you here in the first place.

Yes! Buying The Pain Assessment Toolkit with a one-time payment gives you forever access to the program. As we update, modify, and add value to the program, you will have access to all current and future additions!

A diagnosis tries to understand a problem by examining the symptoms. A prognosis looks at the potential causes for a problem to occur. The Pain Assessment Toolkit is not about coming up with a diagnosis, it is about looking for the prognosis. I believe a strong prognosis can help resolve a diagnosis better than just having a diagnosis without understanding what caused it to be there. You’ll discover the power of The Pain Assessment Toolkit comes by teaching you how to objectively look at your body, how it performs, and how it’s not performing as it was designed to. This is the strategy we’ve used to help thousands of students resolve whatever underlying problems they have been experiencing for years.

Think of The Pain Assessment Toolkit as the appetizer to The Movement Program. It is the first step you take with Pain Academy. Together, the two programs create for one comprehensive experience.

In the The Pain Assessment Toolkit, we teach you how to properly assess why your body is having the experience it is having and how to see the bigger picture of whatever issue brought you here. Whether that is pain, dysfunctional movement patterns, or discomfort, you will learn to understand why your body is functioning the way that it is and how it should be functioning in accordance to its natural design. We teach you 6 specific movement tests to help you learn, observe, and identify what is actually happening with your body and movement.

It is impossible to solve a problem until you understand what it is, and what’s causing it.

The Toolkit gives you the strategy to thrive once inside The Movement Program. The Movement Program is where we put your newly acquired understanding to use, and start restoring your physiology with our movement routines. This is a 52 week process, and each day is laid out for you with exactly what you need to be doing to reach your goals. The Movement Program dynamically adapts to how you respond to the movement routines, which allows for an effective and individualized experience as you grow into a new way of living.

Throughout The Movement Program, we’re going to be repeatedly revisiting the 6 assessments you learned in The Pain Assessment Toolkit again, in order for you to truly know how much progress you’re making. That’s what sets Pain Academy apart from all other programs: we’re dedicated to you learning and understanding how your body works and why you’re feeling the way you are. This takes time and patience and lots of practice.
To join The Movement Program you must first purchase and complete The Pain Assessment Toolkit. This is done for YOU, so that you learn what problem you’re actually trying to solve for, and to see if this methodology is right for you.

Purchase The Pain Assessment Toolkit at the bottom of this page and follow the links inside the program to join The Movement Program when you’re ready to join.

The next step is to join The Movement Program, which is Pain Academy’s flagship online program that’s designed to uniquely restore your movement and resolve your physical pain. Think of The Pain Assessment Toolkit as the appetizer to The Movement Program. Together, the two programs create for one comprehensive experience.

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