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Get Started on the Road to Recovery And Discover the True Sources of Chronic Pain Using Six Simple Movements

Let’s face it. 

If you’re on this page, chances are good that this isn’t the first time you’ve tried to get a grip on whatever chronic pain you’re facing. 

Whether you’re frustrated by a nagging “tweak” that’s affecting your performance and well being…

Or you come home every day feeling stiff and “out of whack” from the hours spent sitting behind a desk…

Or the pain is so bad that you wonder if you’ll ever get to live a “normal” life after a world changing injury (like I experienced)…

You’ve TRIED to get relief. 

But no matter how much “This isn’t covered by insurance” money you fork over or how many hours you spend with different experts…

The relief you’re looking for is barely coming – if it’s even coming at all. 

When You’re Honest With Yourself, You Can Probably Admit that Your Current Approach IS NOT Working.

The experts you turn to mean well, and they’re genuinely doing the best they can. 

But their good intentions don’t change the way your body feels. 

Maybe you try to ignore the Rice Krispy style ‘snap, crackles, and pops’ and just push through the pain. 

Or shrug it off and tell the folks around you, “I’m fine.” 

But those 2AM breakdowns where you can’t sleep because your back feels like an elephant is standing on it…

… Or those workouts where you can’t lift the weight or run at the pace that used to feel so effortless?

That’s when it really starts to get to you. 

And with so many failed attempts and promising solutions that don’t pan out – it can start to feel like you’re the only person in the world with this unsolvable problem. 

Which means you have one of two options. 

Either accept that this is “just the way it is” and that chronic pain is your “new normal.” 

OR–– find a solution that gives you the lasting relief you’re after. 

Somehow, giving up and settling for a life filled with aches, pains, imbalance, or even “Do I need to go to the ER?” spasms doesn’t seem like much of an option at all. 

Which means… 

It’s Time to Finally Get Started On the Path to Ending Chronic Pain and Resolving Muscle Imbalances for GOOD.

When I broke my back in my early 20s after a brutal surfing accident (that very nearly left me paralyzed)….

I thought life as I knew it was over. 

Overnight, I went from a professional athlete training for the olympics to a functionally disabled 20-something with no prospects and no idea how to turn my life around. 

My journey to pain freedom was long and miserable… and I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone.

But there was one silver lining.

Because my pain forced me to get creative.

And hunt for unconventional solutions to (quite literally) get me back on my feet.

What I discovered after YEARS of trial and error and spending tens of thousands of dollars on experts and medical bills was this:

There IS a proven path to eliminating pain for good and feeling comfortable within your body!

But for this approach to work, you first need to understand how the body works.


To Create an Effective Solution to Any Type of Chronic Pain, You Need To Understand 3 Things


The Source of Your Pain is Not Always the Symptom

Let me ask you a question…

What if the area that hurts isn’t the problem at all?

For years after my accident, I focused on fixing my back – because that’s what I’d broken (seemed pretty straightforward to me). 

But it wasn’t until a movement therapist – who I thought was an absolute QUACK at the time – helped me fix an imbalance in my left knee that I started to get relief. 

At the time it didn’t make any sense (how could my knee be one of the sources of my chronic back pain?)

But as I started to dive deeper, I realized this is actually the RULE, not the EXCEPTION. 

I was so focused on the pain in my back that I didn’t see how my legs were making my back hurt more and actually preventing me from healing for years.

I realized that, for most people, the area that hurts ISN’T the source of the problem. 

And after working with thousands of people, I realized that two people can have the EXACT same SYMPTOM… but the SOURCE of that symptom is wildly different.

One person will have back pain because the muscles in their hips aren’t firing correctly and they’re causing imbalances in the knees and ankles that impact the back. 

And another will have back pain because of a shoulder injury they experienced as a teenager that’s causing their upper body to overcompensate, twist, and shift off center to the side which puts excessive pressure on their spine with every movement. 

Chasing symptoms by focusing on just the area that hurts might get you temporary relief. 

But if you want to experience lasting change, you need to solve chronic pain at the SOURCE.


You Need a System to Spot the “Hidden Pain Points”

Tell me if this has ever happened to you…

You walk into a room with a strong smell – good or bad – that almost knocks you off your feet. 

But after spending a few minutes in the room… you barely notice the smell at all? 

Well, your body reacts to pain in a very similar way. 

With enough time, your body starts to “normalize” pain. 

When you deal with the same nagging pain day in and day out, eventually your brain starts to adjust. 

And you no longer FEEL what’s really happening in your body. Because your brain and body have adapted to the pain.

Every student we’ve helped here at Pain Academy all had one thing in common…

Even though they were dealing with a specific pain point

… There was a BIG problem in their body that had become so normal they didn’t even know it existed. 

And it’s usually THAT problem which was at the core of their pain or discomfort.


Lasting Relief Is Possible – But Only If You’re Addressing the Right Problems in the Right Sequence

Once you understand these first two points, there’s one final piece to the puzzle. 

And THIS is why most of the solutions out there aren’t as effective as they could be. 

To solve chronic pain as quickly as possible, not only do you need to solve the RIGHT problems (i.e. the source of your pain), but you need to solve those problems in the RIGHT order. 

For example…



These two words mean completely different things, but they are spelled with the same letters.

What’s different is the order the letters are in.

If you change the order the letters are in, you’ll get an entirely different word and meaning.

The same thing happens with exercises.

If you strengthen muscles or change movement patterns out of sequence… it can actually make the road to recovery longer and actually make the pain WORSE by creating new imbalances. 

But when you attack the right imbalances and problems at the right time, you CAN get lasting relief (and you can get it much faster than you probably think is possible). 

If you’re still with me and you’d like to take the first step to solving chronic pain for GOOD and understanding EXACTLY what’s happening in your body then I’d like to invite you to join… 


The Pain
Assessment Toolkit

Discover the Source of Chronic Pain (and/or Nagging Muscular Imbalances) and Begin Your Journey to Lasting Relief


Before I explain exactly what The Pain Assessment Toolkit IS, let me first tell you what it is NOT… 

This is NOT yet another program promising that the solution to your pain is just one “Forgotten Tibetan Stretch” or “30-second posture fix” away. 

I know what it feels like to be desperate for a solution and to be burned by unethical “experts” trying to make a quick buck… 

… And I refuse to be a part of that crowd. 

Which is why I want to be VERY clear about what I’m offering today. 

The Pain Assessment Toolkit is designed to help you get a snapshot of how your body is moving right now – and where the real problems are. 

And then provide you with a set of basic tools to start the road to relief by rebalancing the body and addressing faulty movement patterns.


To do this, I’m going to walk you through six simple assessments – that I explain in detail below – where you’ll: 

  • Complete a specific movement
  • Take pictures of how your body handles those movements
  • Learn how to analyze your results so you can start creating a long term solution to fix your pain for good.

Here’s exactly how it works and what you’ll find inside:

Test #1:

The Standing Test

In this first test, I’ll share how to quickly assess the way the body “stacks up” against gravity (literally) by looking at the connection between your ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, spine, and shoulders when standing. 

When our body is aligned and naturally stacked, we evenly distribute tension throughout our entire body.

But when we’re imbalanced and misaligned? 

We start to shift weight and force into some areas and not others. 

This oftens leads to discomfort, tension, and excessive stress.

Test #2:

The Hanging Test

Every time the body bends forward when putting on shoes, picking up kids, or cleaning the house, the right and left side function together. 

And when there’s an imbalance? It can make bending forward feel like a herculean task.

Which is why this second test allows students to analyze their bending patterns to see how the hips, pelvis, and spine move together (or in many cases don’t)

For folks who experience pain or tightness when they bend over or notice that they always place a hand on their knee to bend forward – this test is a huge eye opener.

Test #3:

Single Leg Test

During this test, I’ll help you spot how the hips, pelvis, spine, and shoulders work together to ensure balance. 

And most of our students are shocked when they view their photos and realize just how imbalanced their legs really are.

Again, with enough time, these imbalances and dysfunctions become normalized to the point that we no longer feel them. 

But by doing this assessment, students are able to see the imbalances that they aren’t able to feel. 

Test #4:

The Walking Test

In the words of Ron Burgundy, walking is, “Kinda a big deal.” 

Even in our sedentary modern lives, the average person takes anywhere from 4,000 to 5,000 steps a day. 

Meaning that they could be reinforcing faulty or irregular movement patterns hundreds of thousands of times each month. 

Which is why one of the most important parts of living a pain free life is to understand (and fix) the imbalance movements most of us have when walking. 

You’ll never be able to look at someone walking or feel yourself walking the same way after learning how to do this assessment!

Test #5:

The Hip Assessment

Considering that the average adult spends more than 6 hours a day sitting (conservatively) the hips are one of the primary sources of dysfunction and chronic pain. 

Most of the times when we have a big hip imbalance we can’t even feel it anymore because it’s been there for so long. Again the pain becomes “normalized” 

This test helps you feel and understand exactly what those hips are doing.

After doing this test you’ll gain an in-depth insight to how your body has learned to compensate for any imbalance that is coming from your hips.

Test #6:

The Squat Test

Finally, we have the squat assessment.

By doing this assessment, you’ll be able to see the true relationship your ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders have through movement.

There’s no hiding or masking any imbalance, asymmetrical weight shift, or off center loading with this one.

You will take a look at how both sides are, or aren’t working together, as well as side views to understand how all of your joints coordinate motion together.

How All of This Works Together

With each assessment I’ll show you how to:

  • Take your photos
  • Assess and analyze what your body is doing (so you can identify the real problem areas)
  • Understand how joint dysfunction and muscle imbalance is impacting the way you move and feel
  • Gather important information that will then help you develop a strategy to get results

Our goal with each assessment is to help you understand what your body is doing when given a certain stimulus. We want you to see how your body works as a whole so that you can achieve the results you are looking for.

Now that you understand how it works, you’re probably wondering… 

What Do OTHER People Have to Say About Our Systems Here at Pain Academy?

A Lot To Take In!

I've Never Thought About My Body Like This Before!

Seeing My Body In A Different Way

Great Job on This!

Great Information

Gives Me Hope

My Eyes Are Open

This Makes Total Sense

Really Interesting

Personal Trainer

Seeing The Bigger Picture

Eye Opening

Again, I want to be clear. 

Many of these clients invested thousands of dollars to work with me 1-on-1, or through one of our more intensive online programs, for several months and in some cases even years. 

And I can’t promise that your results will be the same (again, everybody is different). 

But I CAN promise that if you’ll go through the program and take action on what I have to share… 

It can help you understand your body in a way you never have before. 

So now for the final question: 

What’s the Investment to Get Started with The Pain Assessment Toolkit Today

My goal is to make this system affordable to ANYONE who is serious about getting out of pain.

So that you can not only get the relief you need NOW. 

But so you get a taste of what’s possible… and hopefully decide to join one of our more advanced programs where we’ll create personalized routines to help you get out of pain for GOOD. 

Because of that, you aren’t going to pay the $300 I normally charge for a diagnostic session. 

In fact, you won’t even need to pay $100 (the ORIGINAL price my business partner proposed). 

As a part of a special limited-time offer… 

For a limited time you can get instant access to The Pain Assessment Toolkit today for just $1! 

And to help you get results as fast as possible, I’m also throwing in…

The Foundational Movement Flow Beginner’s Program

One of the best tools I have to help my clients quickly get relief on day one. 

Inside you’ll find a simple series of exercises you can use to improve the most common posture and movement problems. 

Think of it as your “80/20 guide” to pain relief. 

It isn’t a quick fix or overnight solution. But it will help you get started on your journey and realize that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. 

And once you start to experience how your body is SUPPOSED to move, you’ll want to dive even deeper into what’s possible with a more personalized program.

Simply put… 

Together with The Pain Assessment Toolkit, The Foundational Movement Flow is the FIRST step to achieving lasting freedom and relief. 

Even though it’s only the first step… it’s one of the MOST important steps you’ll ever take. 

And today, it’s yours free when you join The Pain Assessment Toolkit. 

Are You Ready to STOP Chasing Symptoms and Discover the Real Cause of Chronic Pain?

Here’s all you need to do. 

Simply click the button below and enter your information on the next page. 

When you complete your order, you’ll instantly receive an email giving you access to The Pain Assessment Toolkit and the Foundational Movement Flow.

And If The Pain Assessment Toolkit Doesn't Deliver on It's Promises, Your Order Is Backed By A 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee.

I know what it’s like to have hope in an expert or solution that can’t deliver. 

So if you’re feeling skeptical or wondering if I can really deliver on what I’ve shared with you today… 

I get it. 

Which is why I’m taking all of the risk on my shoulders by offering a no-questions asked 100% money back guarantee. 

If you join the program and don’t feel like it gives you an understanding of how your body is functioning or gets you on the right track to eliminating chronic pain, it’s yours free. 

Just email [email protected] and we’ll refund every penny. 

When You Look Back 90 Days from Now – How Will You Feel?

Will you be stuck with the same pain and discomfort you’re experiencing now? 

Experiencing the same problems… 

Feeling the same way about your body… 

Struggling with the same movements… 

Will things get even worse? 


Will you be on the road to recovery? 

Knowing EXACTLY where your pain is coming from and having a clear plan of action to fix it. 

Because what most “experts” won’t admit is that HEALING TAKES TIME. 

Many of you have been making the same unconscious mistakes for DECADES.

Meaning that there are literally YEARS of stress and misaligned movement that have to be undone. 

That won’t happen overnight. 

It doesn’t mean it takes years to undo that damage. But it WILL Take time. 

I obviously can’t force you to make a decision. 

But take it from someone who’s experienced the same frustrations and limitations that you’re experiencing. 

The BEST time to start solving your pain is today. 

Don’t waste another moment or force yourself to spend one second longer battling chronic pain and muscle imbalance. 

Simply click the link below to begin your journey today. 



Yes. The main goal and focus with The Pain Assessment Toolkit is to teach you how to understand what your body is doing in each assessment.

The only thing you’ll need is a camera. A smartphone will work perfectly.

No. Your photos are yours and stay private. Your photos for your eyes only unless you wish to share them with us.

The Pain Assessment Toolkit takes at minimum 9 days to complete. We ask that you carve out 30-45 minutes a day to work through it. We will help keep you on track to complete this in a timely manner.

By the end of these tests you’ll know exactly how your body is imbalanced and will have gathered enough information to pursue a strategy that works, which we will teach you in The Movement Program.

Please read the page above for in depth information on what you’ll receive. In short – You’ll have access to 6 bodily assessments, each one with a detailed breakdown of why each assessment is important, how to do the assessment and understand what your body is doing, as well as how to think about the information you are gathering. As a bonus, you will also have access to 6 informational lessons that break down imbalance and compensation, the law of symmetry, the law of vertical load, dysfunction, and how your body has adapted to everything you’ve been through over the years. You also get access to our LIVE group coaching workshops that happen every Monday.

Access to our main flagship program, The Movement Program. This is a separate program that contains the exercises, movements, positions, and techniques we’ve used to restore the way thousands of students move. Purchasing The Movement Program the next step after completing The Pain Assessment Toolkit.

Oftentime people end up spending years chasing symptoms and the areas of discomfort and entirely miss what is actually causing the problem in the first place. The objective of the Pain Assessment Toolkit is to help you observe yourself and identify the real underlying root cause of your problems. It’s hard to fix a problem you don’t understand – and that is what the Pain Assessment Toolkit is about: understanding. Once you understand how to gather crucial information about how your body operates, you can see your problem with greater clarity. Then you can then begin the process of truly restoring your body and resolving whatever issue brought you here in the first place.

Yes! Buying The Pain Assessment Toolkit with a one-time payment gives you forever access to the program. As we update, modify, and add value to the program, you will have access to all current and future additions!

A diagnosis tries to understand a problem by examining the symptoms. A prognosis looks at the potential causes for a problem to occur. The Pain Assessment Toolkit is not about coming up with a diagnosis, it is about looking for the prognosis. I believe a strong prognosis can help resolve a diagnosis better than just having a diagnosis without understanding what caused it to be there. You’ll discover the power of The Pain Assessment Toolkit comes by teaching you how to objectively look at your body, how it performs, and how it’s not performing as it was designed to. This is the strategy we’ve used to help thousands of students resolve whatever underlying problems they have been experiencing for years.

Think of The Pain Assessment Toolkit as the appetizer to The Movement Program. It is the first step you take with Pain Academy. Together, the two programs create for one comprehensive experience.

In the The Pain Assessment Toolkit, we teach you how to properly assess why your body is having the experience it is having and how to see the bigger picture of whatever issue brought you here. Whether that is pain, dysfunctional movement patterns, or discomfort, you will learn to understand why your body is functioning the way that it is and how it should be functioning in accordance to its natural design. We teach you 6 specific movement tests to help you learn, observe, and identify what is actually happening with your body and movement.

It is impossible to solve a problem until you understand what it is, and what’s causing it.

The Toolkit gives you the strategy to thrive once inside The Movement Program. The Movement Program is where we put your newly acquired understanding to use, and start restoring your physiology with our movement routines. This is a 52 week process, and each day is laid out for you with exactly what you need to be doing to reach your goals. The Movement Program dynamically adapts to how you respond to the movement routines, which allows for an effective and individualized experience as you grow into a new way of living.

Throughout The Movement Program, we’re going to be repeatedly revisiting the 6 assessments you learned in The Pain Assessment Toolkit again, in order for you to truly know how much progress you’re making. That’s what sets Pain Academy apart from all other programs: we’re dedicated to you learning and understanding how your body works and why you’re feeling the way you are. This takes time and patience and lots of practice.
To join The Movement Program you must first purchase and complete The Pain Assessment Toolkit. This is done for YOU, so that you learn what problem you’re actually trying to solve for, and to see if this methodology is right for you.

Purchase The Pain Assessment Toolkit at the bottom of this page and follow the links inside the program to join The Movement Program when you’re ready to join.

The next step is to join The Movement Program, which is Pain Academy’s flagship online program that’s designed to uniquely restore your movement and resolve your physical pain. Think of The Pain Assessment Toolkit as the appetizer to The Movement Program. Together, the two programs create for one comprehensive experience.

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