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“When you’re stuck in pain for so long, it can feel like it’s never going away and it’s never going to stop. And that nobody’s ever going to be able to go to the root cause and help heal you. That was me until I found Pain Academy.”

Sarah, Pain Academy Member


The Movement Program

The only at-home, daily movement program that intelligently adapts to your body.

For people who:

How Does It Work?

Move Each Day With Targeted Exercises

Every day you’ll move through a sequence of exercises. We call these Movement Sequences. These small movements compound for big results over time.

Adapts To Your Body Over Time

Your progression through the program is entirely based on how your body responds to each movement sequence.

Coaching Keeps You On Track

The movement program is powered by Virtual Coach.  Your personal guide though this entire journey. Virtual coach appears at key points throughout the program, asking for feedback and providing insightful answers on how you body is responding.

Virtual coach can also answer any specific questions you have so you’ll be able to overcome any roadblocks and keep moving with confidence.


“This is the only program I’ve ever found that actually makes sense. It teaches you how to balance your whole body and I think that this is the key to movement without pain.”

Karen, Pain Academy Member

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“My favorite part has been just knowing that I have something to do every day that will make me feel better.”

– Angeleno, Pain Academy Member

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“I feel hope that I won’t have to be stuck in pain for the rest of my life and I can live vibrantly again. I feel like it makes so much sense, and that is very exciting.”

Annell, Pain Academy Member

Member Profiles


Number 1 NFL Kicker

Whether you can barely walk, work a desk job, or are in the NFL, The Movement Program will change your life.

Younghoe Koo, a top kicker in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons in the 2021 season, came to use experiencing back pain affecting his performance and his ability to train.

And like most people, when discomfort gets in the way of doing your job, it can make life miserable.

If you look at his photos, it looks like he’s trained the kicking motion so much that his body stayed in that kicking position and couldn’t return to a baseline balanced neutral. 

After teaching him what he needed to do to balance his body and movement, he stuck with the game plan and followed it every day.

You can see how the rotation in his feet balanced out, his center of gravity returned to the middle, his spine relaxed towards the center, and his shoulders leveled.

This total body change is precisely what you will learn how to do when you enroll in The Movement Program to make these powerful changes every day for the rest of your life!


Becoming Symmetrical

Samantha originally came to Pain Academy looking for help with her scoliosis and lower back pain.

Aside from having painful movements and substantial muscle imbalances, Samantha didn’t have a daily routine she could follow that would provide her with relief.

After enrolling in The Movement Program, she started to learn simple movements and exercises she could follow daily to regain control over her movement and pain.

Her results speak for themselves. By empowering her and showing her exactly what to do on a daily basis, her body started to respond in incredible ways.

Her pelvis has leveled out, her scoliotic curves have significantly reduced, and her pain levels have subsided enough for her to get back to the gym and be able to work out as hard as she wants.

Above all, she is now in control and knows what to do to thrive long-term.


It's Not In Your Head

“I was gaslit by my doctors for years. They made me believe it’s all in my head. “It’s just scoliosis” they said, “It doesn’t even look that bad”.

-Bojana, Pain Academy Member

Your movement problems are not in your head.

If things are feeling off, we believe you.

You are the only one hard-wired to your nervous system that can sense and feel things with your body no one else can.

We trust you are the only one who can feel what you can feel, which is why The Movement Program is designed to cater precisely to your needs based on what helps you move and feel your best.

Bojana was frustrated with the level of care she was getting because the people she saw didn’t understand the real problem. Her entire body needed to be reminded how to work and move properly.

The Movement Program gave her a plan she could follow that showed her exactly what to do every day, which is why she got these incredible results and has dramatically improved the quality of her life.

She has taken back full control of her health, movement, and well-being.


Feeling Imbalanced

Reggie joined The Movement Program looking to get relief from a strong muscle imbalance.

The muscle imbalance was so severe it caused the right side of his back to grow 3x larger than the left side, pulling his lower back, pelvis, and ribcage into a ‘stuck’ rotated position

He didn’t have pain per say, movement just didn’t feel great. There was a lot of restriction and tension when he bent forward or did most other movements due to this muscular imbalance.

After making a solid commitment to The Movement Program, Reggie learned how to tame this muscular imbalance and help both sides move better together.

His learning precisely what to do daily and having a structured program to follow helped him rebalance his entire body.

Now that restrictions and limitation are gone when he moves, he now can finally do the strength training programs he wants without worrying about this problem getting worse the stronger he becomes.


Age Is Just A Number

As long as you can move, you can improve how you move.

A thought most people have is, “Am I too old to change?”

That’s what this woman in her 60s was thinking at first when she came to Pain Academy, wanting just to feel better.

She felt decades of movement problems, injuries, and a lack of motion start to add up and negatively affect the quality of her life.

After learning how to feed her body gentle, beginner-friendly movement, her body started to respond, and her strength, range of motion, stability, and movement control returned.

This member improved her quality of life because she now has a plan to follow every day that reminds her body exactly how it should move.

If you are ready to make some changes in your life, we’ll show you exactly how to do that with The Movement Program.

Real Members, Real Stories


“Back pain has robbed me of a peice of my soul. Everyone deserves a pain free life and through your program I see the light at the end of the tunnel. The best money I’ve ever spent, hands down.”

– Eric, Pain Academy Member

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