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Breaking Your Limits eBook

I wrote this book after noticing an extremely consistent pattern show up throughout over 15,000 sessions working with people and guiding them through the process of restoring their body.

After writing this and giving copies to members and clients, I’ve seen people cut down the timeframe it takes to heal significantly.

17 lessons showed up in almost the same fashion in the same way for every person despite what issue they needed help with. Each chapter in this book is a lesson that I hope you can learn and understand before running into a wall and needing to learn it a harder way.

Mindset is often an overlooked piece when it comes to solving the puzzle of chronic pain.

We often look outward for the best team of practitioners, the most powerful tools, the most effective methodology – yet we don’t put any effort toward changing the way we think.

We just keep searching externally thinking that all of our answers are out there. 

How you think about a problem ultimately determines your ability to solve it. This book will help you create the internal paradigm shift needed in order to thrive as your body learns how to learn in our online movement program.

During my early years being injured trying to find relief, I only invested time and energy scouring the earth for exercises that would help me get out of pain

To me, I only associated healing to be with the body, and never really spent the time working on developing the mindset needed to support my body as I learned to heal. I was missing a strategy. Writing this book helped me map out the most crucial elements that people receive when working with me one-on-one. This entire book, and my online program, Pain Academy Online, work hand in hand. As a member, you will receive a free downloadable copy of this ebook! Reading this book, while working through the online program, ensures you are working on your mind AND body at the same time for your best chance of success!

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