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Restorative Movement Routine

The main intention of this routine is to help key muscle groups start working better together again. Rotation is the most common missing motion across the board because most people don’t really have to rotate or twist their bodies that much anymore. When the joints on the right side can’t rotate the same as the left side, pain, discomfort, imbalance, and movement problems quickly enter the picture. With this routine, we are starting off with very basic movements to improve the bodies ability to rotate the joints again.

But beware, that doesn’t mean it will be easy for you. You will be asking muscles to rotate joints that might not have worked or moved in a very long time. Move around a bit before trying this routine to get a pulse on how you are feeling and moving, then when you are done with the routine, move around again and notice what changed.

As always, don’t push through any pain or discomfort, don’t do any movement you don’t feel like is right for you. Consult your physician or surgeon before starting any new exercise/movement program.