Articles of Restoration

Organizing Movement

Each and every person comes to Pain Academy’s online program, “The Movement Program,” with different symptoms, experiences, and stories. The one thing

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Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can rock your world. The sensation ranges from a thin blanket of irritable discomfort thrown over one’s day, to sending

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Joint Replacement

Yes. Why? If you had a joint replaced, chances are the original muscle dysfunction around that joint is still there. A joint

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Restoring Dysfunction

The hip joint was designed to flex, extend, internally rotate, externally rotate, move away from the center of body (abduction), and move

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Even if you dislike running or regardless of what you have been told about it, your body is loaded with features from

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Our obsession with everything mechanical has divided us from seeing the Whole. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine, but what

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Mid-Back Movement

Every skeletal muscle comes with an opposite. For every flexor, there’s an equal and opposite extensor. It’s this balance of opposites that

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The Research

Providing evidence can be a challenging thing when it comes to the human body. Advanced understanding of physics and chemistry over the

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Standing Posture

In 2008 a prospective study of standing posture with 766 participants was conducted in an attempt to identify and categorize if standing

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Hip Imbalance

This problem goes by many names. Hip disparity, hip hike, or leg length discrepancy to name a few.. Take away any names

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The Fuego Magic Podcast

Photographers need great equipment. Lenses, cameras, lighting, software, editing tech, and the knowhow to put it all together. What most people do

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567 Days

When I say that movement is half of the problem, and mindset is the other half — this is one beautiful example

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