2023 Routine

I put together a simple and effective 20 minute movement routine designed to help you start moving and feeling better.

The goal with this routine is to stimulate large muscle groups that move the ankle, knee, hip, and shoulders.

The better large muscle groups work, the more support you’ll feel when you move and the easier movement will be!

Just doing the routine can help, but the real value is using this routine to check in with how these muscles are working on you.

Ideally, each exercise should be simple and fairly easy to perform as we are asking muscles to do their basic job and move the joint. If an exercise is surprisingly hard, that’s information that those muscles have lost function or are beginning to lose function.

Stick with this routine for a week and notice how you feel and move with each exercise begins to change – this is your body adapting to make movement easier! Cool, right?

 Anyways, enjoy this routine on me.

Yours in movement and health,