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Lordosis/Kyphosis X-Ray Results

The X-ray on the left was taken before this girl started our movement program.

The X-ray on the right was taken in a follow up doctors appointment some time later to see if her spine had improved at all or if surgery needed to be explored.

Prior to starting our movement program, the specialist mentioned the best route for her was a brace to stop or slow down the progression of her lordotic curve, tail bone protrusion, and sway-back position from developing further.

The game plan was to try and slow down the progression at best – not treat why the this was happening in the first place because that’s not the goal with our healthcare system. Our healthcare system is built primarily on managing and treating symptoms.

When her mom reached out for help, I proposed the idea of seeing what would happen to her spine if we got her body moving better.

The photo on the right was taken after she practiced our movements over and over while giving her body the space and time it needed to change.

No braces, no surgery, no drugs, just movement.

You can see how the tailbone protrusion and the lordotic curve are settling and moving back to a better position. Her hips, pelvis, spine, and shoulders are starting to stack better vertically together as well.

We didn’t fix her, because nothing was broken.

We just guided her on what she can do daily to help herself.

No person or product on the market can replace the daily work needed to help your body move.

Only you can do that.

And when you are ready to learn, I would be honored to guide you and show you the way.

Our program works really well, if you put in the work.

There is no secret to healing nor is there a magic formula.

Every one has an incredible ability to heal, repair, and restore. It’s just a matter of putting yourself in a position for that to happen.

Learning how to navigate all of the sensations, feelings, and signals you experience is the fastest and most effective way to restore and make a positive impact with whatever problem you are faced with.

Transforming pain into wisdom is a skillset that will serve you the rest of your life. #scoliosis #holistic #movement #therapy

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