When I say that movement is half of the problem, and mindset is the other half — this is one beautiful example of that.

You just read that it took him 567 days, and either thought that’s a really long time, or thought that’s incredible he was able to do this in 567 days.

What do you think how you reacted has to do with your ability to change and transform your body and life?

Imagine yourself sky diving, swimming with great white sharks, climbing Mt. Everest, or running with the bulls in Spain.

You might not have ever experienced any of these — yet you actually bring expectations of what that experience would be like without ever having done it.

We tend to bring deeply misplaced expectations into things we’ve never done before — and it’s normal and natural for us all to do this.

But if left unchecked, these premature expectations tend to really mess with our ability to be successful.

Doing something new to heal your body and mind, is no different.

We tend to have expectations of how long it should take, even though we’ve never healed ourselves on this level before. When these false expectations aren’t met, we unravel and think it’s not working in the way we expected, or as fast as we expected — therefore, it must not be working for us.

I have an exercise for you to help reveal what your mindset is and where it comes from  — read these questions and reflect on your answers.

How long do you think it should take to see results?

Why do you think it should take this long?

How long will you give this program to work for you?

Where does that timeframe come from?

Why is it that time frame and not another?

This mindset exercise, might be more impactful than any physical exercise you ever give yourself if it helps remove any false or premature expectations.

Working on your mindset like this, helps you get out of your own way so your body can have its best chance at healing.

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